Pattern matching problem

  • 15 years ago

    I am a complete beginner to perl so this may or may not be easy.

    I have what is effectively a 31,367 word string called $sequences with each "word" separated by a normal space althogh these could be changes to #'s or any other delimiter if it were to make life easier. Some words are up to 26,000 characters long.

    What I would like to do is look for the occurrence within any of the separate "words" of two strings $quart1 and $quart2 which may or may not overlap eg. ( cedftghyjhg) $quart1 = dftg $quart2= ftgh would still be a hit.

    Is there some way of doing a pattern match across the whole string $sequences rather than dividing it up into single "words".

    i.e of the form ...

    if ($sequences =~ m/ \s .* (quart1 quart2)allowing for ovelap .* \s / ) {

    Does this make any sense ???

    many thanks for any tips

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