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  • 14 years ago

    Hi all,

    I am new in PHP Programming. I have developed some projects. Now, I am going to make an e-commerce site. But, truly, I have no idea about how to transfer money over internet. This will be a book shop and customer can buy books online. How can I do it? So far I have heard some words like paypal, SSL, https etc.Are these related to e-commerce? I visited paypal site but I can't see Bangladesh(I am a Bangladeshi) as location in drop down menu at registration process. So I can't registration there. But I can transfer money to another location like Australia.

    Whatever, it would be very very helpful for me if you give me detail information about in which ways and how can I sell my books online?

    Thank you all.



  • 14 years ago


    For creating a E commerce site the first and needful one is a SSL certificate. ie Secure Socket Layer certificate. With this customers can access your site with https. it means they can access the site with secure http. With this the datas are passed in encrypted format sono one can tap the informations such as credit card number and account number. All this can be done easily through your hosting company or by registering with ssl certficate providers like quickssl,rapidssl,

    Then comes the question about paypal acount. For an e commerce account you have to create an account with the companys like paypal or
    PaisaPay. This will act as a bridge between the seller and customer. The working is simple. like

    Buyers pay eBay using credit card or online bank transfer
    The seller's Paisapay account is credited with the payment once the bank confirms the transaction
    The buyer and seller see a confirmation of payment in their My eBay
    eBay consolidates all confirmed PaisaPay transactions and sends a cheque / demand draft to the seller on a regular basis.

    You can register on paypal but the problem you have comes because you have selected the country as US .

    for more information go to


    Try to do something different .

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