How can I Pick the detail Report of DHL against a Track number in my site to Display?

  • 14 years ago


    I need a help.
    In DHL, when we enter a track number (ex. 3086018456 ) in the textfield in page and click Submit button, it shows Detail Report of shipment in tabular format in the next page ( If I change the 3086018456 to 3086018434 in the URL of this page it shows detail against this number. OK.
    Now, I have a page in my own site which has  a textfield named TrackField. I want to enter the number 3086018456(I entered this number in DHL's Track field) in this field and I want to get the full report what I get in DHL's Result's page in my next page.

    I have been already informed that it can be done by RSS.
    If so, How?

  • 14 years ago

    Well the simplest way to do that would be when you submit the page where one of your users enters their tracking number, you submit to another page, e.g. "submit.php", and then in there you have some header redirect code:

    $tracknum = $POST['TrackField'];
    header ("Location:$tracknum");

    Which should take whatever's in $tracknum and substitute it into the URL in place of $tracknum, taking you to your specified number!

    Hope that helps,

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