Licensing (Per users PC) Afghanistan
  • 14 years ago


    I dont know if this is possible but is there a way to know the details of the users computer (uniquely) that access your website?. What im trying to do is to have a users licensing upon subscribing to our site and then to protect the data we have , i need to lock their username and password on specific pc they have from  which the original subscription happen.

    Im 75 % sure this is not possible but my boss is driving me nuts to figure this out. :) I can do it on a local pc just as the same process we have when we installed a license software but over the internet is different.

    I really appreciate your reply.



  • 14 years ago

    Hi geojack

    I say it's possible by fetching the IP address of the user?

    For example there is some sites that i can't browse it unless i sign it from my own PC?



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