JPEG: Upload, resize & save

  • 14 years ago


    Any one who can help me?
    I wanna write my self a script that can upload, resize and save an JPEG file.
    I know some about system.drawing and some about FileUpLoad, but not much.
    Where do I start?
    Any turtorials?

  • 14 years ago
  • 14 years ago


    If you can upload a file to the server then you can use the following code to resample the image to the size you want. I wrote it a wile ago. If you have problems post again.




    'need these imports at top
    Import System.Drawing.Bitmap
    Import System.Drawing.Imaging
    Import System.Drawing

    '************ Resize image ********************
     'load the uploaded photo on the server
     Dim TheImage AS System.Drawing.Image = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(Server.MapPath("path/fileName"))
     Dim TheBitmap As bitmap = new bitmap(TheImage)
     Dim TheWidth as integer = TheBitmap.Width
     Dim TheHeight as integer = TheBitmap.Height
     Dim NewWidth, NewHeight as integer  
    'test if horizontal or vertical orintated
     if TheWidth > TheHeight then
    ' Set the new width and height of the photo 
    ' **horizontal**
     'Resize photo and maintain aspect ratio
     NewWidth = 500
     NewHeight = (TheHeight/(TheWidth/NewWidth))
     'Resize photo and maintain aspect ratio
     NewHeight = 450
     NewWidth = (TheWidth/(TheHeight/NewHeight))
    end if

     'reload the photo at the resampled size 
     Dim NewBitmap As bitmap = new bitmap(TheImage, NewWidth, NewHeight) '
     'Save the photo
     NewBitmap.Save(MapPath("path/fileName.jpg"), ImageFormat.Jpeg)

    TheImage.Dispose()    'Free image from server

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