I have problem with ASP.NET to test myfirst page

asp.net Ethiopia
  • 10 years ago

    I am using internet explorer 7. I created a Test webPage and put it in the default webpage folder. And i tried

    to access it by writing on the address bar http://localhost/mysite.aspx.

    HTTP 401.1 - Unauthorized: Logon Failed
    Internet Information Services

    I searched for the solution and found some resoluation but it couldn't help. It talks about Log On Locally. I see everything is fine. Even i couldn't able to access http://localhost/IISHelp for help.

    Please help me!

  • 10 years ago
    re-install IIS

  • 10 years ago
    first type http://localhost in Run Dialog box to check whether that IIS is running or not, if two pages loaded means IIS is running else type inetmgr in run dialog IIS will be loaded try to restart if it's already runningm, Reinstall the IIS
  • 10 years ago
      Hi windows_mss
    I reinstalled IIS. I tried to run http://localhost but it asked me to enter a password and username. What are these? The dialog box title is "Connecting to user 'my PC name'"
    What would be the problem?
    any help

  • 10 years ago
    IIS Forum You Can Get Better direction From Here, Try Here

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