how to capture picture using webcam in vb6.0

  • 13 years ago

    hello sir

    i have a programm in vb6.0.In which i want to capture the employee picture and add them to aspecific location not in default location.

    how can i do it '

    plz help


  • 13 years ago

    Write the following code in a module

    '******************* module code **************

    Public Const WS_CHILD As Long = &H40000000
    Public Const WS_VISIBLE As Long = &H10000000

    Public Const WM_USER As Long = &H400
    Public Const WM_CAP_START As Long = WM_USER

    Public Const WM_CAP_DRIVER_CONNECT As Long = WM_CAP_START + 10
    Public Const WM_CAP_SET_PREVIEW As Long = WM_CAP_START + 50
    Public Const WM_CAP_SET_PREVIEWRATE As Long = WM_CAP_START + 52
    Public Const WM_CAP_DLG_VIDEOFORMAT As Long = WM_CAP_START + 41
    Public Const WM_CAP_FILE_SAVEDIB As Long = WM_CAP_START + 25

    Public Declare Function capCreateCaptureWindow _
        Lib "avicap32.dll" Alias "capCreateCaptureWindowA" _
             (ByVal lpszWindowName As String, ByVal dwStyle As Long _
            , ByVal X As Long, ByVal Y As Long, ByVal nWidth As Long _
            , ByVal nHeight As Long, ByVal hwndParent As Long _
            , ByVal nID As Long) As Long

    Public Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" _
        Alias "SendMessageA" (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long _
            , ByVal wParam As Long, ByRef lParam As Any) As Long

    '************* end of module code ******************

    Add the following controls in a form

    1. A picture box with name "PicWebCam"

    2. A commondialog control with name "CDialog"

    3. Add 4 command buttons with name "cmd1","cmd2,"cmd3","cmd4"

    then paste the following code

    '************************** Code **************

    Dim hCap As Long
    Private Sub cmd4_Click()
    Dim sFileName As String
        Call SendMessage(hCap, WM_CAP_SET_PREVIEW, CLng(False), 0&)
        With CDialog
            .CancelError = True
            .Flags = cdlOFNPathMustExist Or cdlOFNOverwritePrompt
            .Filter = "Bitmap Picture(*.bmp)|*.bmp|JPEG Picture(*.jpg)|*.jpg|All Files|*.*"
            sFileName = .FileName

        End With
        Call SendMessage(hCap, WM_CAP_FILE_SAVEDIB, 0&, ByVal CStr(sFileName))
        Call SendMessage(hCap, WM_CAP_SET_PREVIEW, CLng(True), 0&)
    End Sub

    Private Sub Cmd3_Click()
    Dim temp As Long
    temp = SendMessage(hCap, WM_CAP_DRIVER_DISCONNECT, 0&, 0&)
    End Sub

    Private Sub Cmd1_Click()
    hCap = capCreateCaptureWindow("Take a Camera Shot", WS_CHILD Or WS_VISIBLE, 0, 0, PicWebCam.Width, PicWebCam.Height, PicWebCam.hWnd, 0)
        If hCap <> 0 Then
            Call SendMessage(hCap, WM_CAP_DRIVER_CONNECT, 0, 0)
            Call SendMessage(hCap, WM_CAP_SET_PREVIEWRATE, 66, 0&)
            Call SendMessage(hCap, WM_CAP_SET_PREVIEW, CLng(True), 0&)
        End If
    End Sub

    Private Sub Cmd2_Click()
    Dim temp As Long
    temp = SendMessage(hCap, WM_CAP_DLG_VIDEOFORMAT, 0&, 0&)
    End Sub

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    cmd1.Caption = "Start &Cam"
    cmd2.Caption = "&Format Cam"
    cmd3.Caption = "&Close Cam"
    cmd4.Caption = "&Save Image"
    End Sub
    '**************** Code end ************************



    Sr. App Engnr

  • 13 years ago

    hello sir

    well thanx for sending me coding it works fine. well i want to do more, can i capture the selected window instead of whole if yes then can u send me the code plz

    well thanx again



  • 13 years ago
    Thank you, Hi how are you. But I want to capture picture from digital camera. tell me the code for this please.....

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