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  • 13 years ago
    Hey guys/gals,

    In all the programming I've done, I have strayed from Internet coding as much as possible... but now I am in need of a simple script.  Short story is I have helped a friend setup a forum based web site with a news page to the forum.  What I would like to do is have an opening image that is a random selection from all the available images placed in a folder.  So I need a php script that would do the following(I will increment MaxImage each time I add a new artwork submission):

    intRandom = Int((Rnd * MaxImage) + 1)
    Select Case intRandom
         Case 1
              Display /path/to/image1.jpg link to news.php
         Case 2
              Display /path/to/image2.jpg link to news.php
    End Select

    Assuming the link would be resolved by using href.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • 13 years ago

    why cant you try it like this,
    organize image names like image_1.jpg,image_2.jpg,......,image_20.jpg

    then pick up a ramdom number form 1 to 20 and store it in $randNo.

    <image src="<?php echo"images/artwork/image_". $randNo.".jpg" ?> />

    hope this is useful for you


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