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  • 13 years ago

    i'm using vs2003 to develop an solution and i'm using excel to export some data to charts, but i'm having some problems with changing the the values of the series

    count of the series


    ser As Excel.Series 

    Dim sc As Excel.SeriesCollection = CType(oChart.Chart.SeriesCollection, Excel.SeriesCollection)

    ser = sc.Item(sc.Count)

    then for selecting the chart

    oChart = oExcell.Worksheets("sheetname").ChartObjects("chartnumber")

    and for defining the series

    sc.Item(1).XValues = "=sheetname!R3C7:R" & maxdpos & "C7"

    sc.Item(1).Values = "=sheetname!R3C8:R" & maxdpos & "C8"

    sc.Item(2).Values = "=sheetname!R3C28:R" & maxdpos & "C28"


    btw maxdpos is a variable that recieves a value in a previous sub.

    i know that it's possible to do it, because the app i'm working was created in asp, and it works


    can anyone give me some pointers, or lead me in the right direction

    any help would be appreciatted


    thanks in advance

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