New to Kuwait
  • 13 years ago


    I am new to and. I am working on 2.0 vs2005

    I have to make a data entry form.I workd on the web form but i have seen i cannot align the text box and i can not put the button where i want, So i want is to make my own web form with my design.

    I need the coding how to connect to the database and

    and how to connect the text box with the database so it show the data in the text box, i need buttons coding like

    "Add / Cancel"

    "Update/ Cancel"

    "Delete/ Cancel"

    i have connnected the database with access

    but dont knw how will the form take effect

    Can any one provide me with the coding or send me a link




  • 13 years ago


    this is the code to connect to databse

    sqlconnection con = new sqlconnection("server(ur server ur server name);


    and i recommen u to go through this web site

  • 13 years ago


    i went on this site but i could not find the coding for the button i need a complete source code form Sad [:(]

  • 13 years ago

    then download some free books from this site according to ur programming language.

    from this link search for in this url..

    u can get lots of books.


  • 13 years ago


    Try the following tutorials: For basic user input take a look at the Form View tutorials, they'll provide you with built-in methods to add update/ delete , etc.

    Hope this helps

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