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  • 13 years ago
    Hi everyone,

        I am trying how to find out how to make a screenshot of the first frame of the video while uploading it. I can perfectly upload a wmv video and it plays as wmv, but is there a way while I am uploading it, it takes the first frame of the video and makes it as the default picture? Is this possible through PHP or Javascript?  I also do not want to use , and can not use, FFMPEG. Thanks Please help.

    ALSO! if you could help me out with this too:

    I need some help on this flash script. I am trying to let users upload their regular videos, and it automatically converts to flash and plays in a flash video player like youtube. Unforunately, my host cannot let me host ffmpeg, so how can I achieve this action without the use of FFMPEG? Also I do not want to do this manually like converting it myself and uploading it.

    My friend said this in a conversation:


    Is there an alternative than of FFMPEG?

    Anymynous says:

    php will just upload the video in the format it is in the database
    Anymynous says:

    then the flash coder, will do a script to take the video selected by the php, and play it through its flash player

    Can you guys help me out with this?

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