Help needed with configuration of php.ini for sockets.

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  • 12 years ago

     Hell all, I need help with some configurations on my php.ini file, when it comes to sockets.

     I have made a multiuser socket server writen in php, and so far so good, in worked just fine, latly I've been getting some trafic on my application, and when the trafic gets big (about and around 300 users using my socket server at the same time), it all comes down and stops, no wornings or anything.

    Now... I have read some where some time, but I can't find where, about an attribute in the php.ini file (my server runs apache 2 and php 4.something) that tells the php the amount of data that can be channled, and that the default for this is 2M, where I need more, since with about 250-300 users I user more then 2M of data transfer (a sec), and I think that is why my application crashes.

    Any one can shed some light on this attribute and the syntax for it?




    Yuval Lahav.

  • 12 years ago

    Hi there,

     Are you running this on a cms like drupal or Joomla?

  • 12 years ago

     After talking to out tech guys, I have this answer for your question:

    "NO!!"... :)

    the server is clean, and empty, it's not running any sits or script, it's a new server, dedicated just to my php based application.


    Hope this helps to get the right answer :)


    Yuval Lahav. 

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