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  • 12 years ago


            I am designing a HTML base web site  i have a requrment that upload doc file on ftp server, i need code of javascript to upload doc file on ftp server, remember i am not using , i m using html pages , so need java script code



  • 12 years ago

    Hi, welcome to Developer Fusion! :)

    I'm afraid you simply can't use JavaScript to do this. At the very least you would need some sort of plug-in to sit in the browser, and your javascript can talk to that. A better option would probably be to have an upload form and post the file you want, but this would still require some server-side logic using ASP.NET, PHP or equivalent...

    Hope that helps

  • 11 years ago


    Actually you can do it using our product, IntegralFTP. It provides a Javascript class called FTPClient, with methods like uploadFile, downloadFile and deleteFile. Of course, implementing the FTP protocol from Javascript is not possible, so it uses an invisible Java applet to do the comms.

    There's an online demo at This demo has an HTML/Javascript front-end and uses the FTPClient Javascript class to implement an FTP client inside a webpage.

    There are also some online examples here.

    It also does FTPS and SFTP.

    Hans Andersen EnterpriseDT

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