Concatenating values from a set of controls , , visual studio 2008 Cairo, Egypt
  • 12 years ago
    Dears, i'm developing a web application to send SMS, my question is that i want to make a loop where it stops according to a counter which is stored in a hidden field, each time user clicks add more button to add more receipents , the counter is incremented and is stored in a hidden field named **hdn_counter** also there are hidden fields also which i store the phone numbers of receipients, here is my piece of code: Public Sub CheckHiddenValues() For i As Integer = 1 To hdn_Counter.Value Dim test As String test = (hdn_to & + i + ).value Next End Sub i need to concatenate the hidden field with the counter i where i have hdn_to1 and hdn_to2 and so on...etc could anyone help me doing the concatenation??
  • 12 years ago
    Hi Dalia - welcome to developerFusion! Unfortunately you can't reference controls in that way. How are you creating the controls in the first place? You might want to consider adding them to a list as you create them, for instance: List myDynamicControls... // instance variable ... Control dynamicAddedControl = new Control(); myDynamicControls.Add(dynamicAddedControl) Then you could simply iterate your list of controls to fetch the values. Hope that helps
  • 12 years ago
    Hi Dalia, can I only ask you why you are using these "hidden", and how (on customer-product or fruit-apple example). Maybe there is better mechanism instead "hidden fields"... i will try to find this if you show sense of hidden

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