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  • 12 years ago
    The Easy Installer from Joomlatag is a “Point and Click” component that allows you to install and manage add-ons and templates on your Joomla site. It comes with over 4000 thousand add-ons and templates. To install any of the thousands of add-ons and templates all you have to do t is a simple click and install. Gone are the days of searching the internet for Joomla add-ons and templates and the hassle of registering on every site before you can download and install components. One of the most important components missing in Joomla is the ability to install components and templates directly without searching all over Internet to manually locate and install the components you need. With the Easy Installer, you will never have to spend time searching for component again. All you have to do is install a copy of the Easy Installer and update the add-on list from our server and you are ready to start installing and managing your Joomla site. You can search by name or by a keyword or simple browse the add-on list to locate what you want to install. Once you find what you are looking for just select it and click on install. This component will also let you see if the add-ons installed on your system are older than the latest versions. If they are, you will have the option to update the add-ons already installed with the latest versions. Again, this is done by one or two simple clicks per add-on. Main Features: · It is simple to use that even a child can now install and manage Joomla components · From one Joomla component you get access to thousands of Joomla components, modules, plug-ins and templates. · Searching the database will provide you with a list of all components, modules and plug-ins for your particular search result. This way you can install add-ons with more than one component and modules. · All add-ons are fully tested and verified to work on Joomla 1.5 · The available add-ons are constantly updated to provide you with the current and stable versions. · See which add-ons and templates are installed on your server and use Joomlatag to manage them. · Easily uninstall older add-ons and install the newer version. · You can easily install the most used Joomla add-ons by selecting on recommended add-ons. This will provide you a list of our recommendation which you can then choose to install. · It comes with a lifetime continuous upgrade and update of all available Joomla components, modules, plug-ins and templates. For more information, email us at [email protected] or visit us at

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