Find the Calling CLASS name !! , class , event , csharp , 2.0 Milan, Italy
  • 8 years ago

    Hi ! I need to retrieve the Calling-Class-name...

    For example.. if I Have a code like this

    MyTest MyCallingClass= new MyTest(); 

    and I also have a class "MyTest" like this

        public class MyTest
           public string test_A()
             return   ??????????.ToString()

    In my page I Want to see "MyCallingClass" So.. How can I retrieve the name "MyCallingClass" from MyTest

    Thanx and sorry for my bad english!!

  • 8 years ago


    with something like that?

    Imports System.Reflection

    public sub bla

    txtMain.Text = MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod.ToString

    end sub

    Look at MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod.

    Greets, dh

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