PHP and caching

  • 18 years ago

    Guys  I got aerious problem and i need help ASAP........ plssssssss!
    My site
    has a caching problem ... the trouble it has is someone could be signed in as someone else and then not being who they are sgned in as .. can comment or make contributions as someoneelse.
    the site is idone in PHP... we tried a session script, a no cach in the meta tag... the local ISP says its not their fault where as the web designer claims its notthing on the site and that it is the local proxy server... but the prob is this site is not sitting on the local ISP server.
    Any help will be appreciated .... and am willing to pay back in anyway i can though budget contrains exist!!!


  • 18 years ago

    Have you still got this problem?

    If so, are you having a problem whith users logging out but the computer still remembers who they are?

    or is that they log in as one person... and the server thinks they are someone else?

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