Convert VB.NET to C#

Simply paste in your VB.NET code below, and this free utility will automatically convert it to its equivalent in C#.

Your source code is safe

We do not permanently store any code submitted via this utility - the data you submit is kept only long enough to convert the code and send the result back to you.

Known Issues

  • We've had to remove the automatic clipboard copying (as Flash 10 and above requires user interaction). However, the copy to clipboard link does now work in FireFox 3 and Chrome.
  • Please report any issues you come across! We will work to fix them and contribute them back to the #develop project too.
  • LINQ support is not yet fully reliable. Please post cases that do not work to our feedback forum.


This code conversion tool is based on source code from the #develop editor, a free open source alternative to Visual Studio .NET.

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We've got automatic conversion tools to convert C# to VB.NET, VB.NET to C#. Also you can compress javascript and compress css and generate sql connection strings.

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