GrowNashville: Startup Entrepreneurs, Hackers, & Web Experts

MEET other Nashville startup entrepreneurs, tech founders, hackers, Ruby developers, PHP rockstars, web designers, internet marketing ninjas, SEO experts, dreamers, and risk-takers. LEARN from free presentations and seminars. TEACH your own skills or ideas through your own submitted meeting topic. Gain MOTIVATION from discussions.
Anybody is welcome to come and join GrowNashville. Anyone is also free to suggest and vote for meetup topics.

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Past events

  • Finding a Partner/Co-Founder: A Roundtable Chat for Entrepreneurs & Developers

    7-8 Sep 2011 in Nashville, United States

    If a good startup is dependent on a good team, having the right partner(s) is critical. How does one find a reliable partner, and possible co-founder, with complimentary skills? Certainly not on Craigslist, right? Let's pull together a bunch of entrepreneurs and a bunch of developers, and talk through strategies for matching people's strengths and forming productive partnerships. This topic is a real hurdle for me. I'd welcome the opportunity to discuss it with similarly-minded folks.

  • Introduction: Showcase Your Startup or Idea & "Test 1st, Build 2nd" Presentation

    30-31 Mar 2011 in Nashville, United States

    There will be free pizza and beer (provided by Nashville Entrepreneur Center)! If you want to present your startup, idea, or business; there will be a sign up sheet when you walk in [follow the meetup signs]. This sign up sheet will just determine what order time block you will present. There is also a projector and hook up; so feel free to bring powerpoint slides.Each presenter will have about 4-5 minutes of presentation time, and then a few Q&A after wards from the audience.

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