Node.js is event-driven server-side JavaScript running on V8. Come to LocalResponse's Node.js Meetups to learn more about how Node.js can work for your organization or just to learn another skill. We do a combination of lectures, workshops and hackathons. New York, this is your Meetup group, so your suggestions and recommendations do matter. Come to the Meetups to trade coding stories or best practices. Come to show off the cool things you're doing with Node.js. Come to learn from others about how Node.js works.

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Past events

  • Node.js for Bitcoin

    16-17 Oct 2012 in New York, United States

    Hello there!I also run another Meetup about Bitcoin in NYC. I'm hosting an intimate gathering (fewer than 20 people) that are interested in developing for Bitcoin. We'll go over the API, the ins and outs, and make something awesome for Bitcoin.Node.js will be the language of choice to actually interact with the Bitcoin protocol so I thought I'd share with this group as well.

  • Promises

    17-18 Apr 2012 in New York, United States

    Node developers are well acquainted with callback hell, the tendency of any node program to become a rat's nest of callbacks calling callbacks, tedious error checks, and exceptions spinning off into the void. There are several popular ways to tame the mess, and one of the most elegant is the promise pattern (aka deferreds)

  • Packages in Node.js

    13-14 Mar 2012 in New York, United States

    Hello Nodesters,For the March 2012 Meetup, we'll be discussing some of the most awesome packages available for Node.js and how to use them. Some of us can't live without express, mongoose, etc, but some of us still don't know they exist! So I want to get together and give a short presentation on these wonderful packages. If there are any packages that you can't live without, please let me know and I'll gladly include them in the presentation.The format will be as follows

  • Node.js and Redis DB

    21-22 Feb 2012 in New York, United States

    Hello Node Lovers!Our Jan meetup was a hackfest and I think we'll be continuing those, but to get back on track with awesome speakers, we have Myles Recny from coming to speak about Redis. For those that don't know what Redis is, be prepared to learn a hell of a lot:Redis is an open source, advanced key-value store. It is often referred to as a data structure server since keys can containstrings, hashes, lists, sets and sorted sets.

  • Node.js Hackfest!

    24-25 Jan 2012 in New York, United States

    For the next meetup, I want to have a small Hackfest. A 2-3 hour (or more) sprint where we create something awesome using Node.js (and other technologies). Unfortunately, this won't be an open Meetup, so to get in, please answer the questions below.That's all folks! Be honest with your answers as I want a mix of total newbs, hardcore experts and everything in between.Let's build something together.Shamoon

  • Node.js Deployment

    13-14 Dec 2011 in , United States

    Hello Nodesters!It's that time again. Our next Meetup will be Tuesday December 13th at 6:45pm. Charlie from Nodejitsu will be giving a talk about how to actually deploy an application using Node.Once again, please keep your RSVP's current =)Shamoon

  • Node.js and Mongo - Real time, big data

    15-16 Nov 2011 in , United States

    For our second meetup, we'll discuss using MongoDB with Node.js. Mongo is a Document Oriented Database, which differs drastically from conventional relational Databases (like MySQL). Team LocalResponseThis meetup is geared towards people that have at least some node.js experience (even if it's just doing the tutorials). We'll walk through the basics of Mongo and discuss how easy it is to use Node.js and Mongo together.As always, please RSVP Yes only if you know you can come.

  • Meet-n-greet Node.js developers

    20-21 Oct 2011 in , United States

    This is the first Node.js Meetup for the group. It's an informal meet-n-greet for Node.js developers of all skill levels to get together and meet. There will be a brief presentation on Node.js from a 30,000 foot view but that's about it.This event will set the tone for future events, so come on out and show your Node.js love!

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