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This group combines JaxPHP and JaxWeb (in alphabetical order) to continue a 3-year tradition of joint meetups while facilitating expanded communication and collaboration among members of these two established groups, as well as new members.

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Past events

  • PHP anyone?

    Wed, 5 Dec 2012, 00:00 - 02:00 in Jacksonville, United States

    We've talked a lot lately about databases, JavaScript and client-side design.   How about some PHP?

  • Web Design Tips and Tricks

    Wed, 7 Nov 2012, 00:00 - 03:00 in Jacksonville, United States

    I used to try to alternate between code and design topics, but lately it's been all code all the time.So after the MongoDB meetup, several of us talked about planning a design-oriented, client-side-only meetup.  Html and CSS, of course, plus some DOM-oriented javaScript.We talked about two or three short presentations. More deets and volunteers to follow.

  • MySQL Talk on Replication

    2-3 Oct 2012 in Jacksonville, United States

    Have a new talk on MySQL's replication that I was supposed to give at the PHP Tek conference. Again if it is wanted I can give it.

  • Node.js

    7-8 Aug 2012 in Jacksonville, United States

    Kevin Sakhuja has agreed to walk us through a live example of Node.js with MongoDB.Kevin talked with us about his work with Node.js in May, it came up again when we talked about JSON in Jun, and it's going to be big when we talk about MongoDB Sep 20.  So don't miss this one.

  • Stupid JSON tricks?

    5-6 Jun 2012 in Jacksonville, United States

    I've keep coming back to JSON for a variety of data needs. It's easier to wrangle than XML and seems to have a wider range of real-world applications, especially passing data among JavaScript, PHP and various APIs.And if you're one of those people interested in MongoDB, you're going to have to learn you some JSON.So I know some stupid JSON tricks, and maybe you do, too. I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

  • Lets share recent experience

    1-2 May 2012 in Jacksonville, United States

    Lig called this one: a roundtable to share recent experience. Imre volunteered to show off some Rafael JS. So what interests you lately?

  • I still have a couple of MySQL presentations I can give if people want.

    3-4 Apr 2012 in Jacksonville, United States

    This will be Ligaya talking about character sets, how they suck and how to wrangle them with PHP/MySQL.In my experience, anything Ligaya wants to say about MySQL is worth listening to, no matter how much of it goes right over my head.  So don't be afraid to jump into the deep end!

  • Talk about PHP OOP

    Wed, 7 Mar 2012, 00:00 - 02:00 in Jacksonville, United States

    I've been doing a lot more with PHP objects lately (mostly for projects using my DIY MVC framework).So I'll present a quick intro with some examples, then we can talk about the whys and wherefores of object-oriented PHP and share your experience.

  • Graphics with PHP and Shell Scripts

    1-2 Nov 2011 in Jacksonville, United States

    It's been a while - time to get back in touch... Let's start with graphics. PHP includes a useful set of graphic functions. And like most PHP functions, they're wrappers around command-line tools and utilities that can also be controlled with shell scripts. For bitmapped graphics, that tool is mostly ImageMagick. For vector graphics, it's GhostScript and related utilities.

  • Stupid jQuery Tricks (and a Linux system-rescue story)

    5-6 Apr 2011 in Jacksonville, United States

    I ignored jQuery for a long time because most of the examples I saw looked like eye-candy, but lately I've used it for a number of DOM and style modifications that would have been much more difficult on the server side. Bring your jQuery tricks to share, too.And Don will share a terrifying and inspiring story of a potential Windows 7 disaster averted with a Linux rescue CD.

  • Drink coffee and compare notes

    Wed, 2 Feb 2011, 00:00 - 02:00 in Jacksonville, United States

    Ligaya opened the forum for meetup ideas last month, but no feedback. Everybody must be busy! I'm working on several projects that might be the subject of future presentations, but nothing new that's ready for prime time.But if anyone else signs up, I'll plan to be at Panera to drink coffee and compare notes on what we're all doing.

  • Starting off with Yii

    1-2 Jun 2010 in Jacksonville, United States

    A Yii demo and case study of a fun work-in-progress with Don (of the dead).Imre (now in Tampa) is a huge Yii fan, his Message Board comments convinced Jorge Sierra to try it, and Jorge convinced Don and me to dive right in.The water's fine: Yii is strict OOP and MVC, with DAO/ActiveRecord, jQuery-based AJAX support, authentication and role-based access control, and lots of other features. I think it was the right choice for my first framework experience.

  • Coffee and Whatever at Panera

    4-5 May 2010 in Jacksonville, United States

    Sorry, I dropped the Meetup ball last month.I was lucky enough to be up to my eyeballs in work, including My First Real Yii Project! (To be recycled as the subject of another Meetup, because a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.)And when I came up for air last week, it was too late to prepare anything interesting.So instead of changing to a non-first-Tuesday date and just confusing everyone, I'll be hanging at Panera in St.

  • Microsoft redux

    6-7 Apr 2010 in Jacksonville, United States

    Joe Healy will be back, this time re Microsoft's web platform installer, plus how to wire some of properties into PHP, Mapping, easy video player, et al.

  • Spring

    Wed, 3 Mar 2010, 00:00 - 02:00 in Jacksonville, United States

    We have a late-entry topic and member/presenter:Melinda Hileman is preparing a presentation on web design/layout based on Steve Krug's book "Don't Make Me Think! - A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability".Lots of recent Google links for a book published in 2000, so it's a classic!We'll need a volunteer to bring a projector. And since Melinda's using a Mac (of course) we may need an adapter.

  • My First Facebook

    Wed, 3 Feb 2010, 00:00 - 02:00 in Jacksonville, United States

    Don Myers will demonstrate building your first (or next) Facebook page.More details from Don soon.

  • New for 2010

    Wed, 6 Jan 2010, 00:00 - 02:00 in Jacksonville, United States

    We'll be in Meeting Room A this time: the big room at the front.I'm planning to briefly recap my "Vi old-school" presentation from December (the original inter-holiday audience of 3 seemed to like it) and twist some arms to get others to talk about how they use Vi(m) and maybe present details of their configuration.And web designers: this one isn't just for PHP or code junkies. Like many of us, I first started using Vi extensively for html and never went back.

  • Squeezed between the holidays

    Wed, 2 Dec 2009, 00:00 - 02:00 in Jacksonville, United States

    So we know when, but not what just yet. A few people have proposed upcoming presentations, but I hate to ask anyone to compete with the inter-holiday panic. But if you're brave enough to try it (or just prefer a smaller audience) let me know and I'll pencil you in. If no-one steps forward, I have a few topics on the back burner I can choose from, or we can just get together to schmooze somewhere that isn't near a mall.

  • Web Design for Accessibility

    Wed, 4 Nov 2009, 00:00 - 02:00 in Jacksonville, United States

    Web design for accessibility isn't only about delivering your content to people with disabilities, it's also about serving any browser, platform or device you may not have anticipated: it's just one element of good design. There's a lot to talk about. And if we're very lucky, Dorothy Hesson will have a presentation for us (more on that later

  • Zend

    8-9 Sep 2009 in Jacksonville, United States

    Tentative: a Zend presentation. More details soon.

  • PHP on Azure

    27-28 Aug 2009 in Jacksonville, United States

    Details soon...In the meantime, here's a link from Zend about support for Windows Azure through Zend Framework.

  • The PHP Community and Our Web Site

    4-5 Aug 2009 in Jacksonville, United States

    First, Ligaya will present an overview of the PHP Community: who and what's hot, and where to find out more. Then, Web designers, it's your turn to tell the PHP developers what's really important. We'll review and discuss our group's new Web Site, with a focus on building connections, both with the PHP Community and with Jax Web designers and PHP developers.(Plus the prizes that didn't make it to the July meeting.)

  • TBD

    7-8 Jul 2009 in Jacksonville, United States

    Anyone want to make a presentation?

  • Tim demonstrates PHP Output Buffer Control

    4-5 Jun 2009 in Jacksonville, United States

    Output Buffer Control means less bandwidth, fewer database queries, faster pages. One really neat feature of PHP is the ability to control the output to the browser while the script is running. We will cover using output buffers to store your page in a buffer as the PHP script runs, then when done, have it gzipped and sent out in one neat and tiny package. Also we will cover template caching which can be used to give dynamic sites the speed of a static html site.

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