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Got an idea for the next great mobile app, web service or product? If you are ambitious and hungry for success, this is the place for you. Are you a graphic/industrial designer, mobile or web developer? Are you an independent contractor, entrepreneur, or small business owner? If so, this is where you need to be. If you are an investor looking for opportunities, these are the people you may want to meet. Want to contribute or create a new start up venture, here is your opportunity. Just Dev It was established to fill a niche that is not as prevalent in other meetup groups, the opportunity to actually do something with your talent and energy. Sure, we will share and discuss topics like any other meetup group, but in most cases they will be relevant to projects that members are actually working on. There will be times to socialize too. We have over 50 members in our Baltimore meetup group and growing. One of the main goals of Just Dev It is to be the gestalt of all the popular business, technology and creative meetup communities, joining a cross section of disciplines and interests together into one group which is greater than the sum of it's parts. Developing a great solution requires hard work, dedication and help from many talented people who offer different pieces to the puzzle. Great solutions are comprised of many building blocks which require expertise and experience that some individuals alone do not possess. Sometimes:

Graphic Artists may need Web Developers iPhone Developers may need Graphic Artists Small Businesses may need Web developers who may need iPhone developers You get the point

Just Dev It will give these individuals the opportunity to network and possibly team up on each other's endeavors. Not only do we want to play matchmaker with participating members talents, but we also want to promote leveraging the right technology for each other's unique solutions. Just Dev It will not just be another meetup, it will evolve eventually into an international community of doers, producing great things with the help of each other. Support from a dedicated website, blog and forum will be available soon. Eventually we will add a few robust tools to facilitate and promote collaboration, communication and organization between members. This is just the beginning. We need a few good people to get started, including team leaders. So where do we start? Are you ready to pitch in? Let's Just Dev It together. Website: http://justdevit.com/

Events coming up

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Past events

  • WordPress 101 - Hands On Basics with Posts, Pages, Portfolio and More

    Sat, 19 May 2012, 18:45 - 22:00 in Washington, United States

    Curriculum TBAAgenda TBABring your Laptops10 Minute Breaks

  • Appcelerator/ Titanium 2.0 SDK 101: Mobile App Development Intro & Showcase

    19-20 Apr 2012 in Washington, United States

    Appcelerator is coordinating a worldwide Titanium meetup to mark the launch of the Titanium Mobile 2.0 SDK. This worldwide meetup will take place on Thursday April 19th at 7:00pm EST"Do you have an Idea so big that it needs to be on the iPhone, Android and Blackberry? Try Appcelerator as your cross-platform solution"Meet the Presenters:The meetup will also serve as a showcase of the Appcelerator cross-platform framework.

  • WordPress Study Group

    22-23 Mar 2012 in Washington, United States

    Study Hall for members who want to learn WordPress from the beginning or continue discussing, sharing and learning this platform.  Learn how to build a great looking functional website quickly using themes, plugins and media.This study hall will occur after the tentative WordPress 201+ "Hands-On Workshop" (Redux) on Saturday March 17, 2012 - 2:15PM.Why such a small member participation list?

  • Developers, Graphic Artists, Start-ups, Entrepreneurs Unite (Speed-Matching)

    14-15 Mar 2012 in Washington, United States

    Almost 700 members strong now in the MD/DC/VA metro area, now it is time to actually start to get things done. Time to meet, mobilize teams and start collaborating. Match making time has arrived. We have a large array of developer, creative, entrepreneurial, start-up and other talent to get the ball rolling. We’ve had our tech meetups, we’ve brought our own ideas, and we got together to define how, when and where we want to meetup.

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