DC Mobile App Cross Platform Development Authority

This group explores the use of mobile cross platform development tools and web technologies such as HTML5 and Javascript to accelerate the process of designing and building mobile applications for the iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7/8 and other mobile devices. PhoneGap, appMobi, Appcelerator, Corona and other development tools leverage web technologies including JavaScriptand HTML5 and compile to various mobile device platforms. We are going to cover new, emerging tools such as Adobe Shadow, an inspection and preview tool that allows front-end web developers and designers to work faster and more efficiently by streamlining the preview process, making it easier to customize websites for mobile devices. Cross platform Development tools are clearly the future for mobile development. They are quickly becoming more capable catching up to the extensibility and performance of more traditional native development tools dedicated to each mobile device platform. We will explore, discuss and investigate each of the popular cross platform development tools and compare their strengths and weaknesses. Each tool has it's benefits, it depends on what type of app solutions are being developed. We will investigate, together, which development tools are right for the job, including native sdks. How will we do this?

Presentations from appMobi, Appcelerator, PhoneGap and other cross platform toolkit evangelists. Workshops (Hands On) introductions to new development tools, coding techniques, plugins, advance features and more Study Groups weekly smaller sessions at different locations to continue using cross platform toolkits on real world projects or just for fun Plugin development to extend the capabilities of apps allowing them to access more device/os native apis, increase performance and other capability enhancements using native code libraries Hackathons small and large, including conference size events hosted by our partners.

Meet some of the members of our family. We are serious about cross platform mobile development and so are they. We have many events that will include direct access and expertise of engineers that know these tools inside and out.

Talking about cross platform development tech and not doing anything useful with it is not what this group is about. We expect more and want to turn this into a real community of developers of all levels to learn, share and possibly collaborate on real world apps. If this sound like something interesting that you want to be a part of, join us. If you want to contribute to meetups, become an organizer or even be a moderator at our study halls, just let us know.

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Past events

  • Intro to HTML5 Framework SproutCore

    14-15 Aug 2012 in Washington, United States

    Register: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1429683218863179008Just found out that the SproutCore meet ups are moving online to make them more accessible to everyone. The next meet up is scheduled for Tuesday, August 14th at 4pm PST. The scheduled panelists for this session are Dave Porter and are Tyler Keating who both contribute heavily to the code. Those of you who are interested in this HTML5-based framework should check it out.

  • Webinar on What every product manager developing mobile apps should know?

    Wed, 25 Jul 2012, 17:00 - 20:00 in Washington, United States

    Open Webinar: What every product manager developing mobile apps should know - a deep down into product innovationPresented By: Boris GlantsDate: Wednesday, July 25, 2012Time: 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM PSTRegister Now: Improvement is important in Today?s business world. Corp-Corp.com provides a series of webinar on interesting topic ?What every product manager developing mobile apps should know ? a deep down into product innovation?

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