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What is AppsJunction?

AppsJunction is everyone's favorite Apps & Games Meetup in London.

The events are free, well-liked and give members a chance of 3 minute demo & pitches. 

Who goes to AppsJunction?

AppsJunction is open to all regardless of technical knowledge or professional background, but at a typical meeting you can expect to meet some or all of the following:

  • Experts/Speakers

  • Apps & Games developers (individuals and agency)

  • Mobile manufacturers and operators

  • Entrepreneurs, Clients, Hirers, Employers

  • Angel investors

  • Associated professional services e.g. SEO and advertising

  • Anyone with a personal, commercial or organizational interest in mobile apps

    Why go?

    We welcome you to London's only forum for Apps Developers & Clients/Hirers for Apps Developers to find each other using Our Online Discussion Boards & Real World Networking plus 3-5 Minutes pitches.. 

    DEVELOPERS: Are you interested in being part of one of the next Angry Birds or Spotify apps? 

    CLIENTS/ENTREPRENEURS: Do you have a great idea for a new super hit APP and need developers to make it happen? 

    We'll meet regularly to talk, demo and pitch our ideas and talents. 

    Both developers and hirers will be given 3-5 mins time to pitch about themselves... 

    Who's been a guest speaker at AppsJunction?

    Apps Ninjas, Professional Coders & mentors and Apps Enthusiasts are all invited from time to time.

    When's the next meeting?

    Meetings take place monthly. Sign up to our group for automatic notification of the exact dates.

    What happens?

    Evenings start with a short intro from the organisers, then a guest speaker or two, then 3-5 min pitches from Developers, then 3-5 min pitches from Clients/Hirers, then it's over to you for socialising and networking - all carried out in a very cool setting.

    Who organises AppsJunction?

    Navin Arora

    Apps Consultant - Apps Providers & Colleagues/Friends

    Any volunteers, most welcome!


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