ListBox Control

Adding Items

To add an item to a listbox during design time, select the Items property box, and press the drop down button. Enter the items you want to be displayed. Press Ctrl+Return to insert another item. Press Return to apply the changes, Esc to cancel

To add an item to a listbox during runtime, you can use the following syntax:

List1.AddItem Item, Index

where Item is a string containing the text to be displayed for that item. Index is an optional value to identify that item. You can only use a valid value. For example:

List1.AddItem "David", 4

is only valid if the list already has 4 items (remember the index starts from 0) If omitted, a default value is added. (0 is the first item on the list, 1 the second and so on). The following code adds three items to a combo box: David, Paul and Sarah.

List1.AddItem "David"
List1.AddItem "Paul"
List1.AddItem "Sarah"

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