ListBox Control

Removing Items

To remove an item from a listbox during design time, select the Items property box, and press the drop down button. Select the items you want to remove and press Delete. Press Return to apply the changes, Esc to cancel.

To add remove an item from a list box during runtime, you can use the following syntax:

List1.RemoveItem Index

where Index is a integer representing the list index of the item to be removed. So if you use the previous example, David would have a list index of 0 (first item) , Paul's would be 1, and Sarah's 2. Note that if the listbox is sorted, the list index will change as items are added. The following code removes the selected item, and the first item on the list.

' Remove the first item
List1.RemoveItem 0
' Remove the selected item
List1.RemoveItem List.listindex

The listindex property returns the listindex of the currently selected item.

To remove all the items from a list box simply use the following statement:


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