Beginning HTML


In my introduction, I mentioned tags. These are the bread and butter of HTML. Tags are interpreted by your browser and their effects are enforced on the text they surround. Let's look at an example:

The tag for emboldening text is the B tag. All tags take the form <tagname>. If the tag works as a pair, which most do, then the end tag looks like </tagname>. So for our bold tag the syntax is:
Start bold - <b>
End bold - </b>

So the following HTML:
In this sentence, we have emboldened the last <b>word</b>.

Would be viewed by your browser as:
In this sentence, we have emboldened the last word.

Notice how the full stop is not bold. This is because the full stop is to the right of the </b> tag which tells your browser to stop emboldening things.

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