Beginning HTML

Further Formatting

The only other things that you might want to do to text are change its alignment (is it left aligned, right aligned or centred) or change it's font size.

To change the alignment of text use the the p (paragraph) tag pair and the parameter align, with the following values:

Name HTML Effect
Right Align <p align="right">Some Text Here</p>

Some Text Here

Centre <p align="center">Some Text Here</p>

Some Text Here

Why haven't I included a parameter value for left align? Because if you don't specify an alignment then the browser will align the text left automatically.


To change the size of a font, then use the size parameter of the font tag. Here's an example:

<font size=16>This text is size 16 font.</font>

Notice how we didn't put quotation marks around the 16. That's because it's a number, and so doesn't require them.

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