Beginning HTML


Now that we've covered the basics as far as formatting text goes, you must be wondering how you change the font. The reason that I didn't include the font tag in the previous section is because it is slightly more complex. The font tag (and some others) accept parameters. In fact, the font tag doesn't do much without them.

A parameter takes the form parametername="value" and belongs in the first of the tag pair. You do not need to include the parameter again in the second of the tag pair. One of the parameters that the font tag can accept is the face parameter. This sets the font's face, such as Arial or Times New Roman. So to set the font's face to Arial, we need to use the following code:

This text is not in Arial. <font face="Arial">This text is in Arial</font>

Try pasting this into your index file, so that it reads:

This text is not in Arial. <font face="Arial">This text is in Arial</font>

Save your index.htm file and refresh your browser.

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