Calculations in VB6

neil , bryan , taylor Tacloban, Philippines
  • 9 years ago

    Good Day to all Expert

    I've been developing a program in visual basic 6.0 for my mother, I'm building a Database for the Information Records.

    My Problem is i can't continue my project , im stuck on calculations of this area. So im posting here maybe somebody will help me for this.

    Please take a look this image

    I'm using a DBgrid to see contents populating from my Database Table using MS-Access.

    The image above is only an example which i have to make in VB soon.

    I need a code for calculating this

    Example: RETURN + RETURN + RETURN and so on.. = Total in Textbox New + New and so on... = Total in textbox

    Note: Im not using a Number for this Im using a word/string. Eg. Return etc.

    Thanks in advance

    Regards Neil

  • 9 years ago

    Hi Neil,

    You should loop through the grid and check the content of each cell.

    dim lngNew as long
    dim lngReturn as long
    lngNew = 0
    lngReturn = 0
    For i = 1 To Grid.Rows - 1 Step 1
        if grdDetails.TextMatrix(i, 1) = "New" then
        	lngNew = lngNew + 1
        elseif grdDetails.TextMatrix(i, 1) = "Return" then
        	lngReturn = lngReturn + 1
        end if
    next i

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