Forms collections display information of forms not yet loaded

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  • 9 years ago

    I have a MDI Form & two Child Forms X & Y.

    When MDI Form loads, it is designed to just display a window with two menu options. Clicking first Menu Tab will display Form X & clicking the other Tab will display Form Y.

    If i run VB.Forms.count at start of project, it shows 1 form is loaded ( the MDI form ).

    Now if I click Menu Tab "X", Form X loads.

    Now vb.forms.count shows 2 forms are loaded ( MDI form & Form X ).

    Now I exit Form X by issuing "unload me" command, the form disappears and control returns to MDI application.

    Then I click Menu Tab X again.

    Now vb.forms.count shows 3 forms are loaded ( MDI form , Form X & Form Y )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do not know how Form Y is loaded since this form has not been loaded / activated till now.

    Can anyone help me on this ?????

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