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  • 16 years ago

    I am trying to develop a program that generates a delimited text file from database data.
    The trick is to generate the export format at runtime.
    I have started with creating labels on a form of the available database data fields.

    The user can click and drag them onto a workspace (A simple vbshape). The coding creates a copy of the selected label onto the shape by loading another array item to that control array. (Just in case the user needs to duplicate the field in the export file.) Each label has its own array.
    Labels can be removed from the workspace by dragging them off the shape. These are not unloaded but set label(x).visible=false so the indexing does not go out of synch.

    It has the looks & feel of toolbar customising as done in Word, etc. Except for the layout. When items are removed I don't know how to shift all the remaining controls on the shape to take up the gap. Similarly how would I insert a new label between two already on the workspace.

    I also have FlexGrid logging the positions and names of the controls in the order they appear on the workspace. The intention is then to read the final order afrom the flexgrid and generate a SQL text to get the delimited file in the required layout.

    Is there an easier way to achieve my end result or can someone help me with the current 'solution'.

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