Regular Expressions

  • 15 years ago

    Here is a topic I have never seen here, and seems to be a devoid area of development.

    I am working with text triggers, and I need to beable to get variables out of the text that matches a certain pattern.

    such patterns like: "hello, my name is *. I am # years old. I have * colored hair." or whatever with control characters.

    I have been trying to use the Microsoft Regular Expressions Reference 5.5.  It will match variables with the regex key characters, but I can't get the variables, out of the string, such as if the string is "Hello, my name is omnilord.  I am 21 years old.  I have brown colored hair."

    I want to get Omnilord, 21, and brown out of the match string, but all I get out of it is the entire string!  Another trip is that in this case I have been trying multiple word names, and I want the whole name, not one word names.  Here is my code thus far


    Option Explicit

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    Dim TestStr(3) As String, a As Long
    Dim re As New RegExp, m As Match

    TestStr(0) = "blah blah blah"
    TestStr(1) = "Hello I am Eric Van Student.  I am 34 years old.  Who are you?"
    TestStr(2) = "Hello, my name is Peppay.  I am 80 years old.  Who are you?"
    TestStr(3) = "Hello, my name is Eric Van Stubent.  I am 40 years old.  Who are you?"

    re.Pattern = "Hello, my name is \w+.  I am \d{1,3} years old.  Who are you?"
    re.Global = False
    re.IgnoreCase = True

    For a = 0 To 3
     For Each m In re.Execute(TestStr(a))
        MsgBox m.Value
    Next a

    End Sub

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