HELP! data report is not updating

  • 13 years ago

    Hi, My data report is not updating until I restart the program. I have tried dataReport.Refresh, but this doesn't work. Do I need to refresh the data environment first or something (Complete Newbie with Designers)

    I have 2 designers added to my project: 1 Data Environment, 1 Data Report

    the report get it's info from the data environment

    Do I need to refresh the data environment somehow first?

    My code creates the tblReport Table (Deleting it first if it exists)

    Adds Fields to the table

    Adds data to the table.

    Displays the Report.

    First time time report data is correct

    after that, running cmdCalculate_Click() code again, Table gets updated with info ok, but report displays the first lot of data.


    Below is my code:

    Private Sub cmdCalculate_Click()

    For Index = 1 To Text1.Count - 1
    Text1(Index).Locked = True
    Next Index

    y = 0
    z = 0
    For y = 1 To txtOutputFormula.Count - 1
        For z = 1 To Text1.Count - 1
        startpos = InStr(1, txtOutputFormula(y).Text, "[" & Text1(z).Tag & "]")
        If startpos > 0 Then
         tempstr = Replace(txtOutputFormula(y).Text, "[" & Text1(z).Tag & "]", Text1(z).Text)
         'MsgBox tempstr
         txtOutputFormula(y).Text = tempstr
        End If
        'MsgBox "[" & Text1(z).Tag & "]"

        Next z
    Next y

    For p = 1 To txtResult.Count - 1
    txtResult(p).Text = ScriptControl1.Eval(txtOutputFormula(p))
    txtResult(p).Visible = True

    Next p

    For Index = 1 To Text1.Count - 1
    Text1(Index).Enabled = False
    Next Index
    cmdCalculate.Enabled = False

    ' Creates the tblReport Table, Deleting it first if it already exists code for this is below



    ' this section adds data to the tblReport Table

    Set db = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase(App.Path & "\products.mdb")
    Set rstrecordset = db.OpenRecordset("SELECT * FROM tblReport", dbOpenDynaset)

    For loopy = 1 To txtOutputNumberOfCuts.Count - 1
    rstrecordset.Fields(0) = txtOutputName(loopy)
    rstrecordset.Fields(1) = txtOutputNumberOfCuts(loopy)
    rstrecordset.Fields(2) = txtResult(loopy)
    Next loopy

    Set rstrecordset = Nothing

    Set db = Nothing


    'Display the Report

    rptCutting.Show vbModal
    End Sub

    code for MakeReportTable (Just in case it is important) In module1

    Sub MakeReportTable()

    Dim MyDatabase As Database
    Dim NewTable As TableDef

    Set MyDatabase = OpenDatabase(App.Path & "\products.mdb")

    'create the table
    Set NewTable = MyDatabase.CreateTableDef("tblReport")
    On Error Resume Next
    'delete the table if it already exists
    MyDatabase.TableDefs.Delete NewTable.Name

    'add the fields in the table
    With NewTable
      .Fields.Append .CreateField("Material", dbText, 50)
      .Fields.Append .CreateField("Quantity To Cut", dbInteger)
      .Fields.Append .CreateField("Size To Cut", dbInteger)
    End With

    MyDatabase.TableDefs.Append NewTable

    'close database
    Set NewTable = Nothing
    Set MyDatabase = Nothing

    End Sub

    PS. My program is still running for some reason after all forms have been closed.


  • 13 years ago

    Before opening the report try using

    if DataEnvironment1.rsCommand1.State = adStateOpen then Dataenvironment1.rsCommand1.close


    I am just assuming that DataEnvironment1 is the name of your Data environment and Report is using the command named Command1. That's the reason why I used DataEnvironment1.rsCommand1. Every command in the Data environment use a recordset in the background and the recordset name will be rs + Command name. So if your command name is cmdCutting, then the recordset name will be rscmdCutting. So modify the data environment and recordset name in the above code if necessary.




  • 13 years ago

    Thanks Pyash, You are a life saver.

    I had to place it just before I called the MakeReportTable Sub

    I'll shout you are virtual beer, here you are: Beer [B]

  • 13 years ago
    Glad to hear that it helped and thanx for the beer :)
  • 12 years ago

    Good to have you here. Thank you very much.

  • 12 years ago
    thanks to you was life saving for me too....cheers  Beer [B]

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