network print charger

  • 13 years ago

    Don't know where to start for this one, I want to write a program to charge for printing.

    All the network printers are shared through the server (MS Server 2003).

    So I assume I would just need to run the program on the server in the background.

    Users would be given a quota (number of pages per school term before charges are applied)

    When the user approaches their quota, a message will be sent to them. they will have the oppurtunity to pre-purchase more pages. If the user has reached their quota and they have not topped up their account, printing will be denied.

    The program would watch for successful print jobs and place their username and number of pages printed into a database to adjust the tally.

    If their is something I've missed, or if their is any easier way.(without spending a fortune on programs like pea counter.) please let me know.

    So... the big question is how do I intercept the print requests. If you have any sample code, or links to tutorials, that would be very much appreciated



  • 13 years ago
    Doing a quick google search I found many programs you can purchase for under $100 that allow VB scripts to do all sorts of printer monitoring.  I did find one that was shareware, though it looks to be a stand alone program and not a module.  You may still find a use for it, or use things like sendkeys to automate it.  Anyway, the shareware program can be found here.

  • 13 years ago

    Hi I think the best poduct you can buy for this type of solution is a product called the personal print system or otherwise known as safecom.  A company called ITQ in newbury supply it.


    good luck

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