problem with date type. please help

vb6 Benin
  • 14 years ago

       I'm working on a VB project with Access database. I encounter a problem when

    trying this query: "Select * from [COMMAND]  where datcde=" & txtdatcde, adopendynamic

    txtdatcde is a textbox control and it contain a date

    datcde is the table COMMAND 's attribute on date type with the following mask "00/00/0000".

    the query return no row.

    Unfortunatly, if i change the property datcde's type to Text all things go right. But further operation

    request this attribute to be of date type.

       I welcome any idea. Help please

  • 14 years ago
    Hi Kikidevfus

     Actually this problem may occur when ur regional date settings date format.

    If ur regional settings format is like "mm/dd/yyyy" or  "m/d/yyyy" then ur input given by vb also treat like "mm/dd/yyyy". In this time if u give "31/10/2000" and then convert into date cdate("31/10/2006") ur system will give error.

    If u overcome this problem u always pass ur input in the "dd/MMM/yyyy" format only.

    I hope this will solve ur problem.

    Hari K

  • 14 years ago

    I'm sorry if this doesn't apply when using a command but try enclosing the date with hashes: "Select * from [COMMAND]  where datcde = #" & txtdatcde & "#" & , adopendynamic

  • 14 years ago

                                           Thank to hari and sync_or_swim!

         My date settings is on "dd/mm/yyyy" format. and whenever i change this to "mm/dd/yyyy". there is no change.

        Concerning sync_or_swim's solution that 's the first tips i tried. but no thing to do. So i'm still looking for others solutions to solve this problem. hoping to hear from you.



  • 14 years ago

    You can do one thing, remove the mask and then try...

  • 14 years ago

    Hi kikidevfus

    are you sure you changed the data value of your textbox into date?


  • 14 years ago

                       Thanks to every  body. The problem is simple. I've just change the date format mask in my database; i move it from "00/00/0000;;" to "00/00/0000" and then i've no problem.

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