overflow problem

vb6 Grenada
  • 14 years ago

     i have the code like this

    dim a as long


    print a


    in the above case i am not getting any error

    but for the below code i am getting overflow error eventhough the value of a is same that is 36693

    dim a as long


    print a


    please clear my doubt



  • 14 years ago
    Hi Harish

    The problem, in fact, is that when multiplying to Integer values VB assumes that the result is also an Integer. If you aren't sure that this is correct, just force either operand to be a Long, as in

    Dim a As Long
    a = 4077 * 9&
    Print a


    Dim a As Long
    a = 4077 * CLng(9)
    Print a

    I hope this will solve ur problem

    Good Luck

    Hari K

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