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vb6 Lebanon
  • 14 years ago
    How much is a Visual basic 6.0 application is worth ? Here are the details:

    1. Uses an MS-Access Database to put data into [ADO Connection and everything]
    2. It's kinda of a small management system for room rental, like for a small motel or something:
    it let's the user: Add buildings, add rooms in each building, edit the info of the rooms, the info of the building, you can add tenants to each and everyroom, it manages the rents, and gives reports, and it has an inside calendar to remind the user when the  rent is due, it contains all the info of the room, same for the info of the tenant...
    3. It took more then 15 hours of work, including research and everything..
    4. Very user friendly, and bug-free, and let's no room for error, cause it contains a good error handling system.

    So how much should i take for it ? It contains a treeview control, tabstrip, and a toolbar on top, and a help system, with a top menu, and a status bar...
    Any ideas of how much i should charge the buyer ? Plzz... Professional and serious developpers may answer, please, cause the answer will be taken into consideration as a offer for the buyer...

  • 14 years ago

    Please HELP !!??

  • 14 years ago

    Hi Random,

    I think the only one person who can judge the worth of the product is you.  How we can judge it?  Any way price of a product depends upon lots of constraints.

    1. Place where you stay.
    2. How many years on site warranty you are giving to the product.
    3. Capacity of the buyers.
    4. How many competetors are there for that product and what is the price of the competetors.
    5. How you got advantage over competetors.  i.e. What are the extra features you have given.
    6. If the client requires any other extra features or reports in the software. (This is for extra cost)
    7. How many prospective clients are there in the market.
    8. How many man hours you spent for creating that software.
    9. Clients Location (You have to calculate the travelling charges, Loading & Boarding charges and Miscelleneous expenses to travel to that particular place.)
    10. What is the Annual Maintenance Charges.  (default this will be 25% of the Product Cost)

    and so on.

    Hope this will help you.

    Ch. V. Sudhakar

  • 14 years ago

    The above comments are very true !  Compare what you're offering with what competitors do, and be very honest with yourself.  Another way to look at the value of an application is to calculate how much time & money it will save a potential user and/or how much extra money he/she will make because of using it.

    End of the day, you will end up using a mixture of things, and the better you can explain and justify your price to potential buyers, the more you will sell.

    Good luck,


    PS You mention an awful lot of functionality for an application that you claim to have developed in 15 hours.  Is everything really in there at the levels of quality a client will expect ?  Or did you spend way more time than you actually realized ?

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