vb6 Guatemala
  • 14 years ago

    I am developing a 2000 COM ADD IN using VB6(IDE). Now I dont understand the difference between propertypage and user control.
    Anyway when I wanted to add some files from the project workspace, I saw the two. I added user control, designed the form. But the problem I have now is that I dont know if I need propertypage or not. Also one of the controls in my user control form is supposed to get its values when outlook dis/connects.
    My questions again is "How can I make this control reference the Ondisconnection and Onconnection events in order to use it in the user control?".

    Example:the start time is supposed to be OnConnection, while endtime values will be taken from OnDisconnection event.
    How can I programmatically make these accomplished and make the add in display my user control, because it does not display it at all?.
    thanks for any help

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