• 14 years ago

    i'm facing problem on how to display my drawing on picturebox to MS word file. i have been trying to use clipboard but only few numbers are displayed on ms word file.

    here are my sourcecode:

    Public Sub cmdDisp_Click()
    picDraw.AutoRedraw = True
    picDraw.Picture = picDraw.Image
    'Clipboard.SetData picDraw.Picture, vbCFDIB
    SavePicture picDraw.Image, "c:\dot.bmp"
    Clipboard.SetData LoadPicture("c:\dot.bmp")
    Picture = Clipboard.GetData()
    Call mword.Documents.Add
     Call mword.Documents(1).SaveAs("c:\signature.doc")
    'mword.Selection.Font.size = 30
    Call mword.Selection.TypeText(Picture)
    Call mword.Quit
    End Sub

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