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vb6 Guam
  • 13 years ago

    Can anyone here can create a simple database appz that fills the column automatic using access database

    for example:

    if i choose a name from a dropdown list populated by table_user

    the Email, Phone No., will populate too, according to the columns of table_user

    help me please annyone just attach a file that does like this or send it to my Email

    niko66623@yahoo.com please

  • 13 years ago

    hope this will help...


    Option Explicit

    Dim db As Database

    Private Sub Combo1_Click()
        Dim tmpRs As Recordset
        Set tmpRs = db.OpenRecordset("select * from [table_user] where name='" & Combo1.Text & "'")
            If Not tmpRs.BOF Then
                Text1.Text = tmpRs!phone_no
                Text2.Text = tmpRs!email_ad
            End If
    End Sub

    Private Sub Form_Load()
        Set db = OpenDatabase(App.Path & "\sample.mdb")
    End Sub

    Sub filldata()
        Dim tmpRs As Recordset
        Set tmpRs = db.OpenRecordset("select * from [table_user]")
            If Not tmpRs.BOF Then
                Do While Not tmpRs.EOF
                    Combo1.AddItem tmpRs!Name
            End If
    End Sub

    ...if ive given u a wrong one then let me know. hope i can help you.

    ;where do you mean to load/populate the data?




  • 13 years ago
    Wink [;)]i send the sample program to your accountSmiley Face [:)]

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