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  • 13 years ago

    Dear All,

    My collegue has a strange problem. He has develop a software for jewlery shop under VB and Access. The problem he is having is that when he prints out the barcode and the info on the printer. The printer prints 10 empty labels and 11th one with an info.

    The strange thing is, printer prints fine if using a third party software. Its his software which causes the printer to print 10 labels before printing the right one. I have seen his coding and could not find any issues with that. To my knowledge if the printer works fine using a third party software and it doesnt work by using his software, there must be something which he is missing out or maybe has setup a setting high....or maybe the page length is not setup right. I dont know, I have tried everything I could....I have tried looking at the logs as well but because the logs are in prn format I dont know how to change the encoded text into a text format to view how many jobs as gone through to the printer.

    This does seems odd but either its his coding when he sends command to printer it skips the size of 10 labels and then prints the 11th one.

    The printer is Datamax E-4203 and the coding has been done in VB, data is pulling out from access database

    any ideas to go around this problem.

    Many thanks in advance

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