Changing the Hyperlink address for a record in an Access2003 table

vb6 Tanzania
  • 13 years ago

    I'm not a complete novice - but I have no formal training and trial and error can only get you so far......

    I have a table with one of the fields being in a hyperlink format.  The field is used to link to a libary of images.  Each image has a unique name.  However, I have moved the library routing and the hyperlinks no longer work.  I also want this table to work when I pass it to friends and family.

    My idea is to write a routine that will open the table of several hundred records, access the "filename" (minus any directory root prefix) listed in each record under the field "Image_lnk" and change the hyperlink address using VB code and set this to the root directory where the image library now sits.  That way I can change one line of code (and/or use an input field) to set the root directory and it will then automatically reset the hyperlink address to the correct address without changing the hyperlink text name of the file; looping through each record accordingly.

    For example: for a record "sample.gif" is the file name; set the hyperlink address to "c:\my documents\libary\" & "sample.gif".

    How do I do that?  I'm sure this must seem easy for one of you guys but it's completely beyond me.  Any help greatly appreciated!

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