Visual Basic 2008 - Automatic USB Port Connection Question

vb6 Romania
  • 12 years ago

    I am using Visual Basic Express 2008.  Is there a way to check each USB port for device captions(description) and then when the device is found, connect to that device?

    I have an application that uses 2 USB devices; I currently have to tell the programme which port each USB device is on; for example by using the line Device.Device_Connection(12) in the main class:

    Class Device

    Function Connection (ByVal COM_Port)

    SerialPort.PortName = "COM" & COM_Port.To String

    SerialPort. ect ect   .Open()

    Problem nature of the application...these ports keep changing (the devices are the same) 

    Is there a way that the status of every port can be automatically detected, for example.. For Each port: check device ID or caption, if caption is the Required Device then connect to that port? 

    I think that this may be done by accessing WMI or with the My.Computer.Ports statement however I am unsure how to go about using these?

     Any advice or pointers recieved with thanks 




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