Runtime Error-429 ActiveX Component can't create Object". for COM+ Component on Windows2003

vb6 Nigeria
  • 12 years ago
    Hi There!

    Could anybody please help regarding the below issue.

    We had a COM+ component deployed on Windows 2000/NT machine it was working fine, I mean when it was being invoked from other machines it was creating object and was serving the purpose.

    Recently as an upgrade we moved all the COM+ component from Windows 2000/NT to WINDOWS 2003 and now when we are trying to invoke that component its throwing "Runtime Error-429 ActiveX Component can't create Object".

    Client side machines are running Windows XP with SP2, COM+ component was created as a server application. I doubt that it may be because of Windows 2003 security issue but not sure or am I missing something while building that component.

    Please help or provide your suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.
    Additional Information:
    We have created an application proxy on new server (i.e., Windows2003) and then we did a Export (At Component Services->Com Components->right clicking on our component) to get the .MSI and .CAB file.

    These .MSI we installed on the client machine. (Since this is an application proxy, so client will invoke the component on server in this case Windows 2003 server)

    When the application is started at login screen itself it is throwing the above error. (Login checking is also happening in a class which is in COM+ component)
  • 12 years ago

    I have experienced exactly the same problem moving my COM+ server application from Windows 2000 to Windows XP.  The only hint I have found so far relates to the fact that XP has much tighter security than 2000.  Try setting the security level on the server object to allow unrestricted access.  That may help.


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