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  • 10 years ago

    Please I've been struggling to use a datagrid control to display records with check Boxes which I could not, and has been come a headache for me.

    Can any kind person/Guru help me solve this problem. For God's sake. I've been going from site to site, but helplessly unattended to. 

    Please help me solve it.


    Thank you, and hope 2 hear from you soon

  • 10 years ago



    I nicked this from http://www.codeguru.com/vb/gen/vb_database/datagrid/article.php/c7587/

    There is example code there also.


    Quick example
    Need a checkbox called cb ; index = 0 ; width & height = 190
    datagrid = Grid

    Private Sub Form_Load()
      'My fourth column is the check box column
      SetCheckboxes 3, cb
    End Sub

    Private Sub SetCheckboxes(ColNdx As Long, ByRef ChkboxArray As Object)
        bInSetCheckboxes = True
    On Error GoTo ErrorExit
        Dim i
        Dim obj As Object
        Set obj = Grid
        Dim OffsetX As Long, OffsetY As Long
        If Not ChkboxArray(0).Container Is Grid.Container Then
            CalcContainerOffset obj, OffsetX, OffsetY
        End If
        On Error Resume Next
        With Grid
            If (ChkboxArray.UBound <> .VisibleRows) Then
                For i = ChkboxArray.UBound + 1 To .VisibleRows - 1
                    Load ChkboxArray(i)
                    ChkboxArray(i).Width = 190
                    ChkboxArray(i).Height = 190
                For i = .VisibleRows To ChkboxArray.UBound
                    Unload ChkboxArray(i)
            End If
            OffsetX = OffsetX + (.Columns(ColNdx).Width - ChkboxArray(0).Width) / 2
            OffsetY = OffsetY + 10 ''(.RowHeight - ChkboxArray(0).Height) / 2

            .Columns(ColNdx).Alignment = dbgCenter
            .Columns(ColNdx).Locked = True
            If .LeftCol <= ColNdx Then
                For i = 0 To .VisibleRows - 1
                    ChkboxArray(i).Value = Abs(.Columns(ColNdx).CellValue(.RowBookmark(i)))
                    ChkboxArray(i).Top = .Top + .RowTop(i) + OffsetY
                    ChkboxArray(i).Left = .Left + .Columns(ColNdx).Left + OffsetX
                    ChkboxArray(i).Visible = True
                i = 0
            End If
            For i = i To ChkboxArray.UBound
                ChkboxArray(i).Visible = False
        End With
        bInSetCheckboxes = False
        Exit Sub

        Resume ExitPoint
    End Sub


    Public Function CalcContainerOffset( _
            obj As Object, _
            ByRef OffsetX As Long, _
            ByRef OffsetY As Long _
        Do While Not (obj.Container Is obj.Parent)
            Set obj = obj.Container
            If Not (obj Is Nothing) Then
                OffsetX = OffsetX + obj.Left
                OffsetY = OffsetY + obj.Top
                '' The offsets for borders below are not exact for frames,
                '' this positioning algorithm works perfectly at any depth
                '' of nested pictureboxes, with any combination of borders
                '' and/or 3D at any levels.
                '' Using a frame with borders and/or 3d throws a visible skew
                '' on the positions but this should be fixable with some trial
                '' and error -- the skew is no more than 2 px. per frame.
                '' Other containers may be subject to different metrics.
                If obj.BorderStyle = 1 Then '' fixed single
                    If obj.Appearance = 1 Then '' 3d
                        OffsetX = OffsetX + 30
                        OffsetY = OffsetY + 30
                        OffsetX = OffsetX + 15
                        OffsetY = OffsetY + 15
                    End If
                End If
            End If
            If (TypeOf obj Is Form) Or (TypeOf obj Is MDIForm) Then Exit Do

    End Function





  • 10 years ago
    Hey Guru, Sorry for the delay in reply. Thanks a lot for attending to me. It works fine! may the good Lord bless u. Ben

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