"Deep copy" / clone a collection

  • 12 years ago

    Hi All,

    I hope one of you can help me, as I'm getting nuts from all the Google searches.  I have an application for which I've defined a number of classes, grouped in collections.  E.g. a class Book with a number of properties and a collection/class Books that holds all the records for all the books entered into the system.  The question is: how can I copy the content of one collection into another collection without having to iterate through each individual record and property ?

    The "logical" Set oBooksNew = oBooksOld doesn't work, as it only creates pointers to the old collection, so any changes are automatically reflected in the new collection.  The closest I came to a solution is using the CopyMemory API, as that should really create a copy of the memory.  But when I use it in this form CopyMemory(oBooksNew, oBooksOld, LenB(oBooksOld), I get an error message that the LenB doesn't support this property/method.

    Who has the magic tip ?

    Thanks in advance,

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