multiple receivers ?

vb6 Greece
  • 12 years ago

    hallo my friends.

    I need some help here.

    How can i send email with multiple receivers ? i work with code


    With MAPIMessages1

    .AddressCaption = USER
      .SessionID = MAPISession1.SessionID
      .RecipDisplayName = "es: Microsoft Outlook"
      .MsgSubject = "test"

      .MsgNoteText = " test "
      .AttachmentIndex = 0
               .AttachmentPosition = 0
               .AttachmentPathName = namefile
               .AttachmentIndex = 1
               .AttachmentPosition = 1
               .AttachmentPathName = namefile1
      .RecipAddress = "[email protected]"
      .Send 'True
     End With

  • 12 years ago


        Dim MapiRecipient As Object

            With MapiMessage
                Set MapiRecipient = MapiMessage.Recipients.Add(sName1)
                MapiRecipient.Type = mapiTo
                Set MapiRecipient = MapiMessage.Recipients.Add(sName2)
                MapiRecipient.Type = mapiTo

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