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  • 12 years ago

    I am trying to use VB6 as a middleware between two 3rd party applications.

    "App. A" ----> VB6 ------> "App B"


    i am having no trouble sending data from VB to the "App B".

    But i am having some trouble in reading data from "App A".

    I am using a select query to get the recordset of a table in App A in VB. now i am displaying that recodset in a datagrid.

    i added a timer which would keep a count on the number of records in the recordset or datgrid and when there is an increment, the last row in the datagrid is inserted into the App B ( provided the datagrid does not display the records alphabetically). This is for the new record addition part.


    But how to check which record in the datagrid or recordset has been modified ??

    Suppose a record is modified in App A, then the recordset display in the datagrid will how to know which record/row has its data changed? So that i can pick up that row data and insert/overwrite the already available record in App B.


    Can anbody help?




    with Regards,

    Sumit Sinha



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