Drawing a line on the cursor position

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  • 11 years ago

    hello I send to items to Microsof t word with this code:

    [code] Dim wdApp As Word.Application Dim oDoc As Word.Document Dim oRange As Word.Range

    'Create new hidden instance of Word. Set wdApp = New Word.Application

    With wdApp ' Show this instance of Word. .Visible = True .ScreenUpdating = False ' Code to automate Word here. 'Add a new document Set oDoc = .Documents.Add End With Set oRange = oDoc.Range With oRange 'move the cursor to start .Collapse wdCollapseStart 'Make center current paragraph alignment .ParagraphFormat.Alignment = wdAlignParagraphCenter 'To insert a paragraph or new line

       'to insert a text
       .InsertAfter "ã˜ÇäíÒ㠁ÑÏÇÎÊ ÒÔ˜ ÎÇäæÇÏå"
       'Move the insertion point to end;
      .Collapse Direction:=wdCollapseEnd
       .InsertAfter vbCrLf
       .InsertAfter "äÇã æ äÇã ÎÇäæÇϐí" & ":" & Label7.Caption
       .InsertAfter vbTab
       .InsertAfter "ÓÇá" & ":" & MSFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(1, 1)


    after this code I want draw a line in this document . How can I do this?

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